Lest we Forget

Tommys Gin…Walter Gregor Tonic..Lemon..Ice…

Another stunning Gin from Isle of Skye Distillers👌

We love the smoothness of this Gin, and the citrus flavours that the lemon bring out.

Created by the Wilson Brothers in memory of their late father Tommy Wilson. Tommy served in the Suez invasion and passed away in late August 2016. ‘Tommy’ is also a generic name and term of endearment for a soldier.

For every bottle of Tommy’s gin sold, proceeds are donated to local Military Charities, Tommy Wilson’s son, Thomas, one of the Isle of Skye Distillery directors, has served in the Parachute Regiment and has been in three separate theatres of conflict, Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Sierra Leone and served as a private military contractor in Afghanistan. Military charities are close to Thomas’ heart and he takes great pride in creating this unique gin.
The tema take their imagery and artwork from inspiration from the Commando memorial, near Spean Bridge which they pass every week as they deliver their gin to the mainland. The memorial is one of the UK’s best – known monuments, both as a war memorial and as a tourist attraction offering views of Ben Nevis and Aonach Mòr.

Botanicals: Poppy Seed, Juniper, Coriander, Liquorice Root, Blaeberry, Sweet orange.

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The Gin Den

Summer has returned

It’s always fantastic when you discover a new Gin that has that something a little bit different about it. The citrus flavours flowing through this gin, accentuated with the addition of a large slice of Orange, take us back to Summer somewhere on the Mediterranean.

Summer may be behind us but you can bring it back, even if only until your G&T is finished.

Chelsea Royal is made in the heart of London by “batch distillation” in a traditional John Dore still using 100% grain spirit to produce the highest quality pure gin. It is crafted from the finest grain spirit distilled with a secret blend of the highest quality botanicals drawn from all over the world. The essential botanicals are: Juniper; Coriander; Angelica and Liquorice root.
Additional botanicals have allowed the Master Distiller to create the rich flavour that is the hallmark of Chelsea Royal Gin. In particular, the combination of dried Sweet Orange peel and dried Bitter Orange peel from Spain transport the merged flavours, resulting in a zesty, zingy, vibrant and lively gin that packs a delicious citrus punch.
The perfect serve for Chelsea Royal is with a slice of orange, which brings out the citrus from the bitter orange used in it’s distillation.

The Gin Den

Badvo arrives at The Gin Den

Badvo at The Gin Den…and its a bit special.

Here’s what the press had to say about the founder.

A young entrepreneur who started a gin distillery to help underpin the future of her family’s farm has won top billing in a new national awards scheme.
Helen Stewart from Badvo Distillery near Pitlochry has been chosen to be the winner of the first NFU Mutual and Scotland Food & Drink Inspirational Young Person Award.

The organisers noted that Ms Badvo had taken the initiative to establish the micro distillery at the age of 18 after deciding she needed to develop a new revenue stream for the farm.
With no start up funding to rely on, Ms Stewart worked seven days a week to help get the business started in buildings that had been lying empty.
She takes care of everything from distilling to marketing, and forages for all the botanicals needed for the gin on the farm.

Well done Helen, this highlights the opportunities available in the Gin Industry to create stunning craft Gins and grow the market.

The Gin Den

Cucumber? In my G&T?

Last night’s selection of Scottish Gin ended with The Botanist, now the first Scottish Gin we tasted before the Gin Den was even a concept and a nod to one of the most popular Gins on the market. Who didn’t raise an eyebrow (or both) when you were served or asked whether or not you wanted a slice of cucumber with your Gin and Tonic…and the rest is history, with Cucumber Tonic Water now also gathering momentum in the market place.

Hendricks and it’s recent introduced stablemate, Hendricks Orbium.

The Gin Den

Back to our roots and The Botanist

Long before the Gin market exploded there were a few stunning Scottish Gins that paved the way for the rest, steadily building the interest and taste for Gin..one of those and a favourite at The Gin Den…The Botanist…one you’ll find in a multitude of places and one that we’ve tried with so many combinations…

Tonight’s G&T truly brings out an array of the flavours of the 31 botanicals that are used by the distillers.

The Botanist..1724 Tonic…Liquorice branch…Lemongrass…Coriander Seeds…Lots of Ice…Chilled Glass…Chilled Glass Straw…

Created at the Bruichladdich distillery, this superb Islay gin was distilled in the ‘ugly betty’ still described as “an oversized upside-down dustbin made of copper” by Tom Morton. Perhaps the best looking packaging we’ve ever seen for a gin – it’s not all style and no substance either. This is a world-class gin, at a proper abv. A huge 31 botanicals go into The Botanist, including 22 native to Islay (the Juniper used is wild Islay Juniper). The full list of botanicals is as follows: angelica root, apple mint, birch leaves, bog myrtle leaves, cassia bark, chamomile, cinnamon bark, coriander seed, creeping thistle flowers, elder flowers, gorse flowers, heather flowers, hawthorn flowers, juniper berries, lardy’s bedstraw flowers, lemon balm, lemon peel, liquorice root, meadow sweet, orange peel, oris root, peppermint leaves, mugwort leaves, red clover flowers,tansy, thyme leaves, water mint leaves, white clover, wood sage leaves.

The Gin Den

Homecoming Gin fit for a King

New for 2018 and one not to overcomplicate as a G&T , King’s Hill is a small batch Scottish gin handcrafted in the Pentland Hills, Edinburgh, a place close to our heart in amongst hills we’d climb as children.

Made in batches of around 200 bottles in Marion, a traditional Iberian copper pot still, King’s Hill combines traditional gin botanicals including juniper, orris root and coriander with botanicals handpicked from the Pentland Hills including gorse and elderflower.
King’s Hill Gin takes its name from a bet between King Robert the Bruce and Sir William ‘The Crusader’ Sinclair of Roslin. The wager – to catch the elusive white Pentland Stag – was won by Sinclair who named the hill side in the King’s honour. Created with botanicals grown high in the hill that he won from the king, King’s Hill Gin is a salute to the Crusader.

Tonight we’ve gone for Kings Hill Gin..Fever Tree Mediterranean…Grapefruit…Pink Peppercorns…Ice (lots if it)

The Gin Den

No Dragon required

From a distillery that turned down the offer on Dragons Den and went it alone to fund expansion through crowd funding , it shows that tenacity pays off.

House of Elrick…Fever Tree Indian…Orange Rind…Juniper Berries…Ice.

Take a look at the House of Elrick Botanicals Selection for your Gins..amazing..

House of Elrick is made using botanicals hand-picked by the Master of Gin and are a complement of juniper, coriander seeds, angelica root and citrus peel, built around a core of heather, pink peppercorns, sweet fennel and rose petals.As refreshing as it is aromatic, it is the only spirit made with the freshest water from Loch Ness. The resulting taste profile provides a fresh, yet earthy, bold infusion of flavours that can be enjoyed on ice or as part of a beautifully crafted cocktail.

The Gin Den

Colonsay Wild Thyme 909 arrives at The Gin Den

With the Scottish Gin Awards 2018 having taken place this week with a number of fantastic Gins scooping awards, tonight at The Gin Den we’ll focus on the booming Scottish Gin Industry and some Gins we’d recommend..The wide variety of regional botanicals that the distillers can use makes each gin hugely unique and not seen anywhere else in the UK…

So what better place to start than with a new arrival this week to sit alongside the regular bottling ..and one we were very fortunate to get an early release of on the left we have…Wild Thyme 909 a limited-edition bottling of the double international award-winning Colonsay Gin and has been released to celebrate the first batch to be distilled by Eileen & Finlay on the island. Each of the 909 bottles is individually hand numbered.
In Celtic folklore every house had a Brownie or Spirit, or in Gaelic, an Uruisg {oor-isk} to help with household chores. But from the island of Colonsay, tales of a something different began to emerge, tales of alchemy, tales of ALVA, a delightful, red-haired maiden, a very special Brownie with supernatural powers, a Gruagach{groo-ah-gak}. 909 years ago, she somehow survived when her Viking long boat crashed on Colonsay’s unforgiving rocks. She took shelter at Tigh na Uruisg{tee-na-oor-isk}, or home of the spirits, where she remains to this day. With an alchemist’s delicate touch, she transforms humble botanicals into gin. Not many get to see her beauty, but all get to taste her fabulous gin.

Smooth and slightly sweet, this classic London Dry style gin is a delicate balance of spice, peppery notes and lemon sherbet. Best served with premium tonic over lots of ice, garnished with either orange zest or a slice of green chilli.

The Gin Den

St Luke’s AT30

With the Gin Industry growing at an exceptional rate, those that give something back for every bottle sold are always welcome…

AT30 Gin is a limited edition celebratory small batch gin created to celebrate 30 years of St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice and raise vital funds for the charity.

St Luke’s is a local hospice; since 1988 they have been providing specialist, high quality care and support for patients and their families as they face the challenges of life-threatening illness.
Every single service at St Luke’s is provided free of charge; they pride themselves on supporting and caring for people when they are at their most vulnerable. Last year St Luke’s supported over 1,000 Cheshire locals with a huge range of support from end of life care on their ward to supporting carers, and from helping children cope with grief to helping patients return to work after an illness.
St Luke’s is a charity and all their services are given free of charge. They receive limited support from the government but a staggering 84% of their costs are covered by donations. Your support really will make a difference.
AT 30 Gin has been created with the generous support of Rodney Densem Wines in Nantwich, with all profits directed to the Hospice. Expertly distilled, AT30 gin has fabulous, fruity hints of raspberry and blueberry, and each bottle has a unique batch number.
Gin never tasted so good knowing that every sip is making a difference to hospice care.

Ginerosity in a bottle

The world’s first social enterprise gin. With this unique and big-hearted venture, all profits are poured back into projects that will help deserving young adults to build themselves a better future. Ginerosity has partnered with the charity Challenges Worldwide to help young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds take part in International Citizenship Service programmes. That isn’t just a worthwhile cause, it’s a vital one, and the team behind the brand is exceptionally proud that they are the first spirits company to do it.

This is a superb gin, full of character. Mixing traditional botanicals (juniper, lemon, lime, angelica) with some more unusual ones (cardamom, heather, lemon myrtle) a classic London dry style of gin with a gentle modern twist.