I have something to declare..

First and foremost (and we need to get this out of the way) I have to admit I’m still getting my head around cricket, but watch this space because It’s been on my bucket list for a while and 2020 (hopefully you get the connection) is the year I’ll nail it.

Anyway with that out of the way let’s get to the point in hand, Declaration Gin, a new arrival in The Gin Den this week, not gifted, not a sample, a bottle bought online and what a find. I have to admit I was intrigued from the start when I first discovered it on social media, then sat in the Dentist one day I found myself browsing through a magazine and the penny dropped, Michael Vaughan and his wife were half of a small team behind it who one day thought ‘let’s make gin’.

The more I read about it and the unique mix of botanicals, the more I needed to get five minutes in the day to order a bottle. So here it is and I have to say I was quite literally blown away by it when tasted neat with ice. The botanicals are not what I would have considered putting together but they compliment and set each other up perfectly, I then added premium tonic, a slice of orange (I’ll by trying with a cinnamon stick next) and the flavour just exploded on the tastebuds.

I know, I need to get on with it, so what are these botanicals?

Well, Juniper from Macedonia and ginger warmed by the Australian sun. Darjeeling tea handpicked on the Indian continent, plus liquorice root from Pontefract, West Yorkshire. All, seemingly evoque cricketing memories for Michael, that aside they each make a statement!

You know I love outdoor shots and Cricket is on the bucket list for this year so expect much more of this, for now, order a bottle! I have a feeling you might just like it!

📷 Image Copyright @the_ginden

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