Welcome to The Gin Den

Welcome to The Gin Den Blog, I’m Andrew and my objective is to share with you my passion for all things Gin from across the world.

Born in Edinburgh, I’ve been in the Retail and Leisure industry for over 30 years and currently hold a Senior Manager Role in Leisure. This is a hobby on top of a more than full time job and both are hugely rewarding!

Firstly let’s start with what brought me to this point. In January 2018 with an interest in photography and Gin growing, I decided to combine the two and create The Gin Den Blog and Social Media Pages. My vision was to share and provide exposure to the ever expanding Gin industry and in particular Craft Distillers with a ‘not for profit’ ethos.

That vision remains true today and I continue to work with new and established distillers to raise the profile of their brands, provide advice on the most effective use of Social Media and grow The Gin Den following.

My approach is to keep Gin and Tonics simple, (took many great gins have been ruined by the wrong tonic or the need to include it in complex cocktails) so what you get at The Gin Den is a simple G&T that always started with a neat tasting for any new gins.

The Gins I feature are always recommended, If I don’t like it you won’t see it, I will provide professional feedback to the distiller on what in my view could be improved. But that’s only feedback, it doesn’t mean it’s not a great gin, it’s just not my kind of Gin.

I cover and provide advice on events, gin schools, new distilleries, bars and in essence anything Gin related.

I’m a brand champion as opposed to an influencer, the objective is to support Distillers and new businesses through whatever method I can.

My passion for Scottish Gin is well documented and in 2019 I was a huge supporter of International Scottish Day alongside my good friend and blogger Annabel – The Gin Judge. There are so many amazing Scottish Gins and in 2020 our plans are developing to really celebrate those distillers as well as the new and emerging gins from around the world that I’ll be covering at The Gin to My Tonic Shows and Festivals, Sussex Gin Fest l, Gin Live and Junipalooza in London

Finally, I hope you enjoy the blog and the Social Media pages, please get in touch if their is anything you think I can support with.


The Gin Den

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