The back story…

This weekend a trip back to the homeland of Scotland for The Gin To My Tonic show, that started with an overnight stay in Edinburgh with the family. I can’t ever go back to Scotland without a visit to Edinburgh, it’s my city of birth after all, but it has and continues to change so much in the time since I moved away from the area, that there’s always something new. Aside from the Scottish Gin explosion that’s visible in i’m sure every single pub and bar. The back stories to each Gin being created adding to the distilling history of Scotland.

As the snow came down, a coffee was needed at the train station with one local residents canvas bag proudly proclaiming ‘I’d rather be playing bridge’ (with a Gin and Tonic I’m sure)😊

The Train departed Glasgow bound and the snow became more evident, at this stage the concern was more about getting to the show than the four hour drive south the next day. #ginpriorities😊.

Fast forward an hour and a quick uber to the SEC and we were there. At this stage snow was gone the rain was hoofing it down. But who cares, its Gin we’re here for.

What a stunning location and venue, well laid out, loads of space and incredibly focused on the customer experience over the four and half hours of the event.

Over the next four hours I put faces to names from dozens of distillers, from family businesses to larger producers all so passionate about their product, and the vast majority so humble about the product they had worked tirelessly to create. Craft Gin producers are usually part of a VERY small team who are in the midst of a market explosion with more and more new names joining the market each month. All keen for you to try their Gin and all keen to tell you the backstory and the blend of botanicals used. There was no hard sell, it’s not what this was about, its about appreciating the perfect serve and then buying. The stories were fascinating and the long nights and days that have been invested in every Gin will always leave us in awe.

We all have a backstory and its easy to get lost in Social Media images and hash tags, followers and likes.

These events are about the human side of Gin producing, the individuals, the teams and the family businesses who have everyone with a part to play to support the expansion of the Brand. I heard so many backstories all different and all enough to make you think and ponder but most of all appreciate.

If you’ve been to a show and tried a load of Gins but only been able to pick up one or two, don’t forget the others you liked, make a note and as Mothers Day, Fathers Day and birthdays arrive, look online and order one you liked before you pick up a supermarket mainstream brand. If you know someone that’s been to a show, ask for a recommendation. Planning a wedding, Gin favours are a thing.

Remember the backstories, remember who you met and what it was about the Gin you loved..and get to as many Gin shows as you can

We all have a backstory..

The Gin Den

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