Giving Something Back..

A Gin at The Gin Den that’s giving something back which we love and it’s one well worth buying.Nestled beneath the sprawling mass of Ben Wyvis mountain in the Scottish Highlands, GlenWyvis Distillery was established in 2015. The idea was to unite the community of Dingwall through the creation of a distillery owned in-part by local people.Dingwall’s last whisky distillery closed in 1926. After a 90 year absence, GlenWyvis revived the town’s lost distilling tradition, and made its own history in 2016 by running a record-breaking open share offer. More than 3,000 like-minded people invested in GlenWyvis to create the first ever 100% community-owned distillery. It was an incredible response to an extraordinary idea.GlenWyvis is pioneer of sustainable distilling; wind, hydro, solar and biomass energy power.

John McKenzie the founder said..Thousands of people have come together to create GlenWyvis. Together, we are all part of one community. If we can create something that inspires even the smallest of like-minded actions, where people unite behind a common cause so they too can achieve their dreams and build a more sustainable world, then we will have realised ours — a local spirit that inspires the world.

The GlenWyvis GoodWill Gin was launched in 2018, created using a selection of nine botanicals, with particular attention paid to the locally sourced hawthorn berries. The botanicals are soaked in neutral spirit for 24 hours before being distilled, resulting in an expression that balances delicate fruit with classic robust juniper.

On the Rocks – Cooling over ice encourages the refreshing nature of GoodWill’s zesty fruit character.

With Tonic – Serve with any fine Tonic and simply let GoodWill Gin do its own thing.

Perfect Serve:
25cl of Good Will Gin
25cl of Tonic
Several cubes of ice
Garnish with: Toasted Orange Peel to encourage the citrus botanicals and also Bruised Coriander to bring out the spice side.

The Gin Den

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