Welcoming Forest Gin to The Gin Den

Welcome to The Gin Den..Forest Gin.. The only Gin to have ever been awarded two separate Double-Gold Medals at the San Francisco World Spirit Awards with a greaabout the Gin and the Bottle..


Forest Gin produce exceptional spirits which are distilled in small batches at their distillery in the glorious Macclesfield Forest. They are a truly family company. Lindsay & Karl Bond are the husband & wife team in charge of the still, bottling, management, sales & shipping.

Harriet Bond (aged 10) is the BOSS. She leads all foraging missions, and is an expert in knowing the best spots for juicy bilberries & ripe raspberries. Hattie would actually prefer it if you did not buy their Gin, as any left over berries end up in her porridge every morning.Their goal is to make the best tasting Gin that they possibly can, from the finest locally sourced ingredients where possible. They do as much as possible by hand – right down to the bottling.Forest Gin is distilled by the family in batches of a maximum of 85 bottles at a time

In a desire to try to source their ingredients and materials from within the local area, the natural vessel to hold the Gin is Staffordshire Porcelain.

Since 1810, Wade Ceramics have been crafting the highest quality ceramic products, with their items being renowned and collected all over the world. They make the bespoke bottles for Forest using many traditional methods, and the final bottle is fully vitrified, meaning they are fired to a temperature which ensures the porcelain will not absorb any moisture, flavour, odour or stains.The Forest Gin Artwork is a one of a kind commission by the respected Papercut artist Suzy Taylor…
Suzy hand cuts all of her artwork from a single piece of paper using a scalpel and a magnifying glass in a painstaking process.The team at Wade then apply the artwork by hand to each bottle.

The Gin Den

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