Discretionary Effort

Saturday afternoon in the centre of Chester and it’s races day so busier than usual and a great opportunity for the Bars and Restaurants to capitalise on the extra trade.Its not the easiest of times on the high street and it’s therefore key that everyone is geared up ready to ideally exceed customers expectations.

With the lunch venue chosen I thought I’d start with a G&T at the bar, The Gin selection looked reasonable, and Didsbury Gin was the selection, having heard a little about it.

And this is where it’s key that you get it right…The botanicals for garnish were well presented on the bar, there was a reasonable choice of tonic..yet when the Gin arrived…the garnish was missing.When questioned, The barman quickly added it and it looked like this….at that point the decision was made not to return to said bar for a drink, but to provide the benefit of the doubt, food was needed so upstairs to the restaurant we went.

At another table in the restaurant a G&T arrived and it looked a bit different, I caught the attention of one of the team, and showed them my rather sad G&T….apology offered, it was taken away and returned looking a little different..

The point is, I didn’t want a complicated cocktail, that’s not what The Gin Den is about, I wanted a simple G&T that takes a couple of minutes to make, and yes the effort isn’t just about presentation, it’s important to the taste..

The distillers takes time creating their G&T, and designing the bottle to make it stand out from the crowd, The bar had made an effort to show the garnishes…add in the human factor and it all goes wrong..at best you wouldn’t come back to the bar at worst you’d think as a first time Gin drinker that was what a G&T was and revert to red wine or your tipple of choice.

These times are not the times for struggling with the basics of preparing a G&T, bar and restaurant teams need to be in the game…or the trade goes elsewhere…It’s not rocket science, it’s a G&T…and a little bit of discretionary effort can ensure it’s served as one.

The Gin Den

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